The Secret Elephant


In the Press:

“If You Like Calvin and Hobbes, And Are a Little Crazy, You’re Going to Like This Book!”

What some of our readers have to say...

"It arrived today and I just now opened the package - Matt & I read it and LOVED IT!! Cracked up!! So cool! Little man is sleeping already but I'll show him tomorrow morning, he loves his storybooks ?? You rock!! Encore!!"

- Corynne K.

"Love and selfishly thinking Tag and Elefant are secretly about my 2 lil guys."

- Demian C.

"This book is truly special and a delight (regardless of the reader's age). The concept of stuffed-animal elephant "brothers" interacting with normal humans is great and the illustrations are full of excitement and whimsy (c.f.: Calvin and Hobbs, etc.). The location in Brooklyn is also well-rendered and a breath of fresh air compared to more well-worn locales. I've read this a number of times now, and I still always laugh out loud at the ending! Highly recommended."

- Daniel

"This is one of the most charmingly illustrated picture books I've come across in a long time!! They're sweet and full of detail - and you'll never see more adorable elephants! The story itself is a delight - it's one parents won't get sick of reading, and kids will continue to ask for. The ending is the best - I've read it maybe 5x now and it still cracks me up! This is now my go-to kids gift."

- Jenn S.

"Isabelle Garbani's short and sweet book about elephants going on a New York adventure is very cute! The illustrations are beautiful and writing to the point. The ending is hilarious. Definitely for kids as well as adults."

- Mary


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